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Teaching has been my passion for over twenty years.  My lessons vary in nature to the levels and interests of my students.  I typically use method books with my entry level students; however, as we progress with our technique and skill level we have a wider selection of material that we can choose to perform.  I am well versed in the art of jazz improvisation, classical performance, theory, and composition.  I prefer in-person lessons, but when that is not possible I am comfortable with giving virtual sessions as well.  


I have taught at the University of North Texas as a teaching fellow where my responsibilities included running the jazz keyboard fundamentals and jazz piano masterclass courses.  I have also worked at Huston Tillotson University and taught the music appreciation/jazz history course.  My current student roster ranges in ages from 5 to 85 and includes beginners to seasoned professionals.  Although I only play piano professionally I also work with students who perform on different instruments.  We focus on improvisation techniques, chart writing, improving our song repertoire, how to run a band, and overall professional musicianship.  


Central to my teaching is not only the what but the how.  How to practice is the most important facet in the development of my students.  Too often we feel as if we are not getting better because we don’t have enough time to practice or we do not feel inspired to continue to work.  I have learned how to instill the work ethic into my students so that they always feel like they are improving and moving forward towards their musical goals.  If you only have twenty minutes to practice I can help you make the most of it.  Being aware of the challenges in a song and how to attack them translates into real life situations.  In essence you are a problem solver and need to figure out different solutions to be able to achieve success.  

I encourage my students to perform for their family and friends regularly.  Having your loved ones practice for you while dinner is being prepared is a great way to motivate your family to practice.  Everyone needs a push sometimes.  To help with motivation I have two recitals per year.  Our spring recital takes place outdoors around the third Sunday in May and our winter recital take place indoors at a venue TBD around the second Sunday in December.  For most of my students this is their only live performance opportunity.  The recital is not required but I do recommend it.

I look forward to helping you achieve your musical goals!

*PLEASE NOTE: I am fully vaccinated and can cater to your preferences by either in-person lessons or virtual lessons.

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